Thursday, August 11, 2011

We did it!

Today was our third annual 'park hopping' day. It is always a highlight of the summer and something we look forward to all year. You will not believe our total! Let me just say we left he house at 10 am and returned home at 7pm. It was amazing. Even though we were rushed at some parks, and exhausted at others I was amazed that the kids would fly out of the van at each stop like they had never seen a park before in their lives! I think there is a great lesson to be found in that, but right now I'm a little too tired to dig it out! (Cut me some slack, even the kids were exhausted tonight!!) Enjoy the pictures!
















Yep, 15 parks in one day. We did it!


Chuck, Martha and Family said...

Amazing! Looks like a big day of laughs, smiles and love! Maybe I'll try starting this with the kids this year...see if we can hit up 3 to start...Love you and those beautiful smiles on your kids! xoxo

joan b. said...

Terrific! One more activity checked off the list of fun summer events :)