Wednesday, August 17, 2011

In God's heart I am....

I came across an amazing video/new book the other day (see above). When I started to watch the video, the kids gathered around. At the end of the video, I asked them, "What word do you think of when I say, In God's heart I am...."

Immediately Abby said, "In God's heart I'm pretty" Sophie said, "In God's heart I am joyful" It took Noah a few minutes, and he returned to building his legos but a few minutes later he said, "In God's heart I'm gentle" I flashed in my mind to his crazy wrestling with a friend who is younger than him last week. In the midst of crazy boy play, Noah would put his had behind his friend's head to catch his fall. He would catch himself with his arms so as to avoid smashing him. Yes, for this one reason and so many more my energetic boy is most definitely gentle in God's heart.

It took me a little longer to come up with the word, "able". I am tying that word in to my 'year of yes' in the context that sometimes I have a lot on my plate (as my hours at Hope continue to grow this fall, as the kids start 2nd grade....) but I am able to say yes to the plan God has for my life. I am able.

It took Tom the longest, but around midnight last night he added his word of "Willing".

The kids and I spent some time creating a canvas to showcase our words, it is a treasure. Abby wrote the wording at the top, Sophie drew the heart, and each person wrote their own word. Perhaps the most unexpected blessing came as we rode our bikes to Captain Sundae (post later by Sophie). I was watching them as they rode and was able to focus on the word they had selected and look at each of them through God's heart. Amazing.

What is your word?


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Love this thoughtful and YOU!

joan b. said...

Pretty, joyful, gentle, able, and willing makes for one incredible family! Love the post and love you!