Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Rocking Whale

When the kids were 'little' I used to love returning to a familiar park summer after summer. It was always amazing to see how much bigger the kids were than the year before. They could reach the monkey bars, they could go down the slide, they could reach the swings.... Yesterday we visited a park we have been going to for years. The kids fondly named it 'rocking whale' after the blue whale they used to enjoy rocking in endlessly. They would also serve me food from a pretend restaurant in the 'little' play structure. This week the whale was only rocked on once and the kids recalled the restaurant they used to 'run'. They had moved on to bigger things, namely spinning ENDLESSLY on the saucer type merry-go-round. Laughing all the while, that part does not change as they grow and for that I am thankful.


Chuck, Martha and Family said...

Ok, I was already feeling emotional about...well, every little thing...then right before going to bed, I had to check you blog...and yep, tears again!

Love you guys! Miss you!

joan b. said...

The kids were spinning and spinning and spinning on the tire at Kollen Park today - right after lunch! I couldn't believe how long they spun in circles without getting dizzy. And yes, giggling the WHOLE time :)