Monday, October 3, 2011

Football, Apples, and Art

We kicked off October with a true fall weekend! Starting with Noah's flag football game. He has so much fun playing, and having his dad for a coach. It's so fun to watch him play hard, with a big smile! From there Tom headed up north for a weekend with friends and we went to Crane's with Bill and Joan. We enjoyed perfect fall weather to pick apples and have a great lunch! Sunday the kids and I visited 'ArtPrize' in GR for the afternoon. It was amazing!

I decided on the drive home from GR Sunday that we needed a 'fall list'. We love our summer list, when the days are long and we have no school. But, fall is great too, and even though our days are full of work and school we still have time to make wonderful memories. (Drumroll please....) Fall List 2011 was born. It's not as long as the summer list, and Noah isn't sure we'll find the time, but I am looking forward to making fall memories in every free moment we can. Savoring. Treasuring.


Laura said...

I love the photo of the sweet hands holding the perfect apple. Wish we were there to experience some of that fall with you. Love you guys!