Sunday, October 16, 2011

Weekend update

We had a wonderful fall weekend!

First, a shot of our art wall in the kitchen. L-R: 1. Noah's tree from art class 2. Noah's self portrait from art class. 3. Abby 4. Sophie (all three have favorite things and stats in Spanish...I had to ask for translations!) 5. Abby's dog done in her after school art class 6. Abby's tree 7. Sophie's tree 8. Abby's flowers from after school art class 9. Abby's bird on 'bark' from after school art class
I love this art wall! I love their creativity!

Note the picture on the side bar, taken UM/MSU game many years ago. I thought it was time for a new one. On a victory day too!

Big wind at the beach Saturday!

Crazy kids getting sandblasted!!

PS the true highlight of the weekend was not the MSU victory, but Noah's first touchdown at his last flag football game of the season. He received the hand off, looked and found a hole, and ran pretty much the full length of the field to score. It was amazing. I did not capture it on film, but enjoyed watching the entire thing (and jumping up and down and screaming!). As for Noah, he loved his whole team running up to congratulate him (and even a chest bump!) Ha!!

I wish you laughter this week!!


joan b. said...

Yup, the touchdown run is hard to beat - what a fun way to end Noah's football season :)

Love the artwork - those are talented kids you have!