Friday, October 21, 2011

Ice Cream for Breakfast!

This morning before school the kids and I joined my parents, Laura and her family, and my aunt and uncle at Hudsonville Ice Cream Factory for a private tour. My mom won this tour last fall along with 4 FREE half gallons of ice cream a month for a year! We had a blast learning about how ice cream is made, flavors are selected, and how much science and math is involved! It was a blast (of cold air as we visited a freezer kept at -20!)! The highlight for the kids was the GIANT bowl of vanilla ice cream that was taken right off the line and served to us! GIANT!! Nothing like Ice Cream for breakfast as a great way to start a Friday! Hopefully the kids could sit still in school the rest of the day!!


joan b. said...

I think every Friday should begin with ice cream for breakfast :)