Thursday, October 6, 2011

On the drive to school today during our morning prayer Sophie exclaimed, "Wow!!". I stopped praying and asked her what was going on. We had been working on not interrupting during our prayers. She said, "look at that beautiful tree mom!" I paused, then asked her who made that amazing tree. "God" We then talked about how much God wants us to notice, appreciate, and love the beautiful gifts he gives us everyday. Sophie thought for a moment and asked, "even during a prayer?" I answered honestly, "yes Sophie, even during a prayer. And I bet that prayer even made God smile."
This was one of my favorite faith conversations ever. How often do I stop what I'm doing to exclaim, "Wow!" when I notice an amazing gift? Not as much as I should. Thank you sweet Sophie.


Chuck, Martha and Family said...

Wow! Anna, way to go recognizing and acting on that beautiful opportunity! What a great Mom you are!!!

joan b. said...

Precious Sophie, precious prayer, precious moment!