Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Beauty in the small things

Every week I feel like that collage is my favorite...this week was no different!
Early last week the kids had a 'fog delay' at school.  It was a perfect morning to stay in our jammies, enjoy a cup of hot cocoa and snuggle....leaving the dishes in the sink (they can wait!)
Tulip Time was in full swing the kids marched in the parade on Thursday and we enjoyed Dutch Chocolate on our toast (and even waffles) several times!
Sophie cooked an amazing dinner that we all enjoyed (Italian skillet with black beans and veggies).
On one of my jogs last week I looked out to Lake Mac and saw beautiful sailboats...I love our neighborhood!
Friday night we enjoyed a dinner at Grove in EGR with Laura L. (thanks for watching all 5 kids Bill and Joan!), it was SO much fun.  This dessert is my 100% favorite of all time. 
Saturday afternoon Tom had a beautiful bouquet of Gerber Daisies delivered to our house for Mother's Day, it was so thoughtful! 
Saturday evening on our way home from my parents house we looked West and saw a beautiful pink sunset beginning.  It was nearly 9:00 so we weren't sure we'd make it to the beach, but Noah kept reassuring me that we would so I kept driving!  He was right.  We got to the beach just in time for what has to be one of the best sunsets of all time.
The blooming Rhododendron in our back yard is a gift each spring!
The kids came home Friday with beautiful cards and gift bags decorated with love.  Inside the bags are the most amazing clay "Dr. Seuss Style" houses from art class.  They have been talking about them forever, I was SOOO excited to finally see them!  (sorry, I'll snap a pic of the actual houses for next week!)

What a beautiful week.  I am blessed. 


Chuck, Martha and Family said...

I love how you even take time to "look" when you are running! And how you can make dishes piled up in the sink look so beautiful! Speaking of which, my dishes waited all day...time to get to them!! Love you!

joan b. said...

It's always great to see the pictures of your week-in-review. Lots of good-looking eats on this one :) We'll have to sample Sophie's skillet dish soon!