Monday, May 7, 2012

Family, Friends, and Fun!

Noah and I ran his first 5K on Saturday morning!!  We finished in 31:01 and he was an all star!  So proud of him!!  Laura and  Ben ran the 10k that started right after we finished, so fun to see them!!

Last week was full of preparations for the big First Communion Party, but we also found time for some wonderful moments!
Monday night we curled up to read Harry Potter in our bed.  Reading together is one of our favorite times of the day!
Tuesday I surprised the kids by stopping in on their class field trip downtown Holland.  They were learning about measurement at the Holland Aquatic Center.
All of the kids love to read, but Abby is the one most likely to be found after lights out reading away.  The night I took this picture, she asked really nicely if she could, "Please finish the book...only a few more chapters...."
I love it when my kids play together, one day last week they spent about an hour 'sanding' this log with rocks.  It was hilarious, and so amazing to see them playing together.
Wednesday night was warm and sunny (what happened to that weather) so we headed to Capt. Sundae after soccer practice!
Noah after our run!!
Sophie's beautiful haircut...she wanted to go a little shorter and get her feather out.  Abby wanted to keep hers long.  It did make me a little sad, their first 'different' haircuts, but also proud to see their personalities/independence. 
Laura and I made homemade cupcakes from scratch Saturday afternoon, it was so fun!! 
Of course, all this led up to the First Communion on Sunday (see the previous post).  What an amazing week.