Monday, May 21, 2012

Play Everyday!

Last summer I got a great necklace from my parents that says, "Play Everyday"  I love it, and try to live that way each and every day.

Tom had to go back in to work one evening last week so the kids and I drove to Grand Haven to play at 'daddy's park' and enjoy a picnic dinner.  It was wonderful!

Wednesday the Holland Farmers Market opened for the season.  It's always a sure sign of summer and a happy day.  Although it does bring a tear to my eye as I shop without the kids, missing the days of pushing the triple stroller and counting down to the summer days that we can go together!

Abby got a new lego set that she had been saving up for since April (with a little help in the form of bribery for the 'dives' she did at school swimming lessons last week).  She and Sophie played with it every moment they could (even when they should have been getting ready for school or soccer!!)

Thursday night Kate and I enjoyed a great dinner with 5 of our 6 kids.  Both of our husbands (and one of Kate's kiddos) were out of town.  The food was amazing, the sun was shining, and we all had a blast!

I worked 'math groups' in the kids classroom for the last time of the year last week and just loved seeing Noah and Sophie sitting shoulder to shoulder in their group.  Yes, they were assigned to the same group, but they sat like that by their own choice. 

The weekend was full of playing!  I took the girls to the beach (water temp 54) while Noah played with a friend.  The girls swam and built sandcastles for a couple of hours.  We visited the Holland General Store on the way home for ice cream cones.  That 'joy' picture is one of my favorite of all times. 

The kids played happily together at Kollen park over the weekend for almost an hour.  At this age when they all have different interests, it warms my heart to see them like this.

I wish you time to play this week!