Thursday, May 31, 2012

A hint of summer!

Last week our moments of beauty included a few hints of summer....we can't wait!
Tom mowing the lawn.
A trip to the Library to play on the computers and pick out books (just like summer vacation!)
MICHIGAN STRAWBERRIES.  There is nothing better.  Anywhere.  What a surprise to find them at the Farmer's Market in May!!
Abby had a tooth pulled and we went to Capt. Sundae as a reward! 
Not often I put a picture of just me on the blog.  I got sweet new hair's called ombre....lighter at the ends.  Love it!
Noah shopped at the West Olive Nursery with his First Communion gift from Auntie Martha.  He was overjoyed with his new Japanese Maple, Hydrangea, and even a dogwood for Grandma Mosher (they will care for it together)
Some extra joy on the long weekend....
Noah building legos, Tom watching, and the girls, Ernie, and I snuggled on the bed. 
"look mom, triplet ducks"
Noah experimenting with a new flavor of ice cream (he hopes Hudsonville will select it!)
The girls planting impatients (we planted our garden plot too!)
C'mon summer!  We are ready for you!


joan b. said...

Love the pictures! Can hardly wait to try Noah's ice cream creation :)