Friday, August 29, 2014

Friday August 29

Sometimes something happens and in that instant everything is right with the world.  This is one of those instants.  Just like that.  Daddy came home today from nearly 2 weeks in Asia.  It was a crazy two weeks of Hope starting up for me, football starting up for Noah, Pneumonia, broken AC (and our most humid stretch in the entire summer).  Today, everything was made right. 
I would not have survived these two weeks without my parents.  They were my right hand, my left hand, and hands I didn't even know I had or needed.  They took care of the kids, they played with the kids, sewed with the kids, they cooked dinner for us when there was no possible way I could (without me even asking), they set up a spa for me in their basement after a really long day.  Having them 3 miles away is one of the biggest blessings of my (our) life.  Thanks mom and dad.  Welcome home Tom.