Sunday, August 10, 2014

Friday August 8

Today we woke up for the last time in our cabin in the Catskills.  We savored the beauty and the slam of the screen door, we packed up and headed out.  We also remembered and celebrated that 16 years ago today Tom asked me to be his wife.  I would say yes every day for the past 16 years.  I love that man.  We enjoyed one of the most beautiful drives we have ever had across the State to our next stop:  Cooperstown, NY.  Noah and Tom enjoyed a few hours in the Baseball Hall of Fame.  While the girls and I enjoyed a used bookstore and a bakery.  By mid afternoon we headed out, next stop Ithaca, NY to visit Cornell.  Abby has loved birds since she was very small.  She collects bird books from all of the States we visit.  She can name nearly every bird and owl we see and hear.  She has a wonderful goal of becoming an ornithologist someday, and one of the premier PhD programs in this area is at Cornell.  So, we made our first college visit.  It was a beautiful campus, and we enjoyed exploring a bit.  After a HUGE dinner just off of campus, we made the drive to our hotel for the night.