Friday, August 22, 2014

Wednesday August 20

Today started 'the crazy' two weeks.  I"ve often referred to it as my least favorite two weeks of the year, but that's not entirely true.  I enjoy a lot of parts of these two weeks, including meeting all of my new Hope students!  This is the time when I am back at Hope (part time, thankfully) and the kids are still on summer vacation.  I jokingly told people at work I was leaving my sunglasses on my  head until the kids are back in school.  My testament to being on 'part time' summer vacation, still.  The front seat of the van reflected the change of 'seasons'...sunscreen, a summer 'Bon Appetite' magazine, a chair from watching football practice (it started raining, so I quickly threw it in the front) and my work bag.  I'm working really hard to be present in the moment during these two weeks.  Being present with my new group of students at Hope, and present with my amazing kids at home.  Savoring the moments at both places.  And allowing myself to be imperfect.  I can't do everything, well... ever, but especially not during these two weeks!