Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Monday August 4

Today we enjoyed another amazing day in NYC!!  We started in Rockefeller Center, we were a little late to see the Today Show, but we still got to see the set (it was a very late night last night, we woke the kids up from a total sleep at 8:30!).  We enjoyed 'the best bagels in NYC' according to Zagat (and we concur!).  We ventured out to the Statue of Liberty and enjoyed seeing Lady Liberty up close.  The boat trip out was absolutely beautiful as well.  We visited Chelsea Market (ok, my favorite place ever!!) where Noah found his souvenir a Bacon Cookbook!   While walking to our next stop, we found the "High Line" which is a true place based on one of my favorite children's book, "The Curious Garden" (no, really my favorite place).  We couldn't believe we stumbled upon it completely on accident.  We proceeded to spend the next half hour walking the track, enjoying the amazing miracle of the garden sprouted right in the city!  From there we summoned the energy (well, the kids did...and we dragged along behind) to park hop in Central Park.  We hit 8 playgrounds in a little under two hours, nearly sprinting from one to the other!  We also found the exterior of the building featured in one of the kids favorite Disney Channel Shows!  By about 8:30 we got back to our car and began the 2 hour drive upstate to our next stop.  Exhausted but full of memories of our amazing two days in the City!