Wednesday, June 12, 2013

June 11, 2013

One of our goals for summer vacation is to do our best to capture a photo a day.  We will miss some days (in fact, we already missed the 'first day' June 10) but we will do our best.  Our hope is to capture a picture that represents something special about each day of our vacation.  It will help us "look" for blessings, capture the "wonder", and "be present" everyday. 
I chose this picture because it was a busy day, we were taking care of a dear little one year old and spent the morning at the zoo.  This picture was taken while the little one napped.  We moved to the back patio (so as to not wake the baby!) to enjoy the ice cream that Abby was ecstatic to find again after a few years 'off' (Hudsonville Orange Cream Swirl...amazing).  We were all wearing socks and no shoes so we sat down right on the steps and the best part about this picture is that we did not squeeze together to take the shot, we were actually sitting this close together.  Abby was actually sitting on my lap, and the other two were very close at my side.  Early in summer vacation we are treasuring the togetherness, loving the fact that at 2 in the afternoon we were able to sit and savor an ice cream cone...just because.