Monday, June 24, 2013

June 24, 2013

Today after picking up Noah up from fishing camp, we headed to Butch's Beach Burrito for lunch and I had one and a half tacos,yum! We then went treasure hunting for a little while and to one of our favorite parks before we headed home . When we got home my mom got a great idea to make bubbles. We made it by puting 4 teaspoons of sugar into boiling water, then we added 4 tablespons of dish soap into the water once the sugar disolved , then we put it in our bubble wand contaner things that you use to blow bubbles. They worked pretty well except the fact that they droped to the ground like a stone 5 seconds after we blew them. We played in the trees and then we wached Food Network Star.
Written by Abby
PS Happy Birthday Auntie Laura M.


joan b. said...

Very nice post, Abby! It was great reading about your fun day. I loved your description of making the bubbles and then how they fell to the ground :)
(those tacos sound yummy!)
I love you!