Saturday, June 29, 2013

June 28, 2013

To be honest this picture was taken on Wednesday but we got it on Friday. I did a fishing camp and I caught a catfish.  It fought hard and I had a few others on my line (two were even bigger) but they got free at the surface.  The camp was sponsored by the YMCA in Grand Haven.  They provided tackle and the worms to go fishing.  We walked to the pier two days and went to Government Pond and the channel the other days.  I caught another fish on Friday, a small Drum (Sheephead).  I got to ride to work with dad everyday and we had lunch with him 3 days out of 5.  I got to play on his phone on the drive up.
Photo taken by Russ (fishing instructor).  Written by Noah Bonnema. 


joan b. said...

So that's the catfish you told us about - great catch, Noah! You are a very good writer :)