Friday, June 28, 2013

June 27, 2013

     We ( Abby and I) went to grandma and grandpas house at 9 a.m When Mom was at work and Noah was at fishing camp in Grand haven. We suggested doing 'American Girl doll' clothes for our dolls. I am making a coat with a hood with pants. Abby is making a pink dress. I have sewed the hood and half of the coat. Abby has sewed the bottom of the dress.We are not done yet and we will finish next week.
      That is not all that we did though. We also played Wii and read a little.Grandpa went to get Noah.Then they came home and Noah came and started to play some Wii.our Mom came to pick us up and brought us home.


joan b. said...

Very nice post, Sophie! It was great to read about your day, which sounds like it was great fun :)

You have a wonderful Grandma Nancy who teaches you lots of great things! I'll be eager to see the doll clothes you made.

I love you!