Wednesday, July 10, 2013

July 10, 2013

Today we celebrate 14 years of marriage.  5,110 days.  122,640 hours.  3 amazing kids.  Hundreds of hours of laughter.  I love my wonderful husband more today than I did that beautiful July evening 14 years ago.  We had a wonderful date night to Salt of the Earth in Fennville last night and tonight we celebrated with Hungry Howie's pizza, the girls last softball game, and Captain Sundae.  14 years ago I'm not sure I could have imagined how sweet a night like this could be.  It's true that last night was precious, quiet alone time, amazing food, finishing more than one sentence.  But tonight was priceless in it's own way, the kids asking questions about our wedding, loud laughter, wiggly snuggles, and ice cream.  This is where we are right now and I wouldn't change it for the world.   
The kids and I put together 14 gifts for Tom over the past two days and each kiddo wrote Tom an anniversary note.  Sophie wrote this:

"Dad, here are some reasons why I like that you married mom.  In a poem:
I am glad
I am not sad
that you married mom. 
I am guessing that you are glad
You are not sad
That you married mom. 

#1 I love you and mom
#2  You are nice to each other
#3  You are my parents"

We are so blessed.  


joan b. said...

I am glad
I am not sad
That you married Tom!!