Sunday, July 28, 2013

July 28, 2013

We love our camper.  This camper is the one I camped in throughout most of my older childhood.  The summer before we began using it a mouse got in and did a little damage to the canvas.  Other than that it is in wonderful, well loved shape.  I slept many a night on the bed Noah sleeps on now.  I treasure many memories in this camper.  At one point this past weekend my mom climbed in, just to smell it's familiar scent.  Even in the midst of  a very wet and chilly camping adventure, I loved waking up this morning with my kids all snuggled in their beds.  Smelling the familiar (and somewhat soggy) scent.  Loving the way the light shines through the canvas.  I love the creak of the door.  I treasure the new memories that my family now adds to this old and special camper.  We loved being back in Pentwater with both of my sisters and all of our kids.