Sunday, July 7, 2013

July 7, 2013

In between boat rides, swimming, sunscreen applications, and water breaks the girls spent some time with sidewalk chalk at the cottage.  We love walking this way to the lake many times every day.  Sometimes the kids walk this path with wet feet, sometimes in water shoes, sometimes they run, sometimes they walk slowly (time to come in for the night!), sometimes arms are full fishing poles and goggles, sometimes someone carries a fish to show off.  Sometimes adults walk slowly savoring the views of the lake, sometimes they rush to see a trick or a catch, sometimes they nearly trip on ores and noodles, sometimes arms are full of snacks or towels, sometimes they drip wet suits after a jump in the lake, sometimes they bring another container of worms, sometimes they carry an untangled fishing line.  Always, always they smile. 


joan b. said...

Yup. That pretty much captures it, Anna! I smiled when I mis-read "sometimes they drip wet suits" as "sometimes they drop wet suits" :) That would have been a first!

Great memories - eager to have you back up here!