Tuesday, July 9, 2013

July 8, 2013

In the morning today, we went to go pick Blueberries with our cousins and our mom's friend. After 5 minuets of picking, someone yelled : " It's raining!"  "Oh no!" I thought. I thought we would have to go so early, but no, we did not have to leave, as it turned out, it only rained for 10 minuets. Our cousins that were there were named Adelee, Gordie and Chessa. In the picture I am 7 /8ths full of Blueberries, In the first 5 minuets I had covered the bottom of the bucket. The people in the background I think is my grandma and my sister Sophie, but I am not sure.


joan b. said...

Nice post, Abby! There must have been a good crop of blueberries this year! I'm glad you didn't get rained out.

It's wonderful that your Aunt Martha and your cousins are here for you to do all those fun things with :)

I love you!