Sunday, July 28, 2013

July 27, 2013

One of the jokes of our camping weekend in Pentwater was the weather forecast.  Saturday morning as we drove north to Ludington for a picnic and a hike we watched the rain fall steadily.  We checked the hourly forecast and saw there was a 0% chance of rain at that hour.  Hmmm.  For the rest of the weekend as the rain continued to fall, we joked about the 0% chance of rain.  Happily the rain did stop in time for us to have a picnic on the shore of Hamlin Lake and a fabulous hike.  We hiked along the beautiful path, 7 adults and 8 children under the age of 9 1/2.  The kids laughed, looked, wandered off the path and filled Noah's clothes with sand.  The adults took pictures, chatted, and wrangled kiddos.  We saw Kingfishers, baby Swans, and wildflowers.  I wish I would have taken a picture of all the cousins together, but I'm sure someone else did.  We were thrilled to be free of the rain most of the rest of the day and were able to shop downtown, and have our annual family potluck at the campground.  The kids love this night best because they stay up way too late making s'mores and laughing with glow sticks.  I think it was nearly 11 before the kids were all in bed and the adults around the fire were thrilled for a brief glimpse of stars shining overhead (before the clouds and rain came again).