Thursday, July 11, 2013

July 11, 2013

       Today was my mom's birthday. In the morning, she said that there was a garage sale near our house. We started riding and after like 5 minuets, we were nowhere near our house. When we finally got to the garage sale, we stopped, parked our bike and looked around at all  the cool stuff. Next, we got ready to go out to lunch at a place called " Sandy Point Beach House" I had chicken tenders, and so did Noah. Sophie got steak, my dad got a burger, my grandpa got a burger, my mom got a sandwich and my grandma got fish tacos.Then, since our mom said that we were going to play with our friend at the beach, we went to our house to go the the beach. Her house is close to the beach, so we could walk to the beach from there. We were not the only ones going to the beach with her. Another one of our friends was also coming. Her name is Ella. She did not get the message, so she did not get there till like 3 o'clock [ we were supposed to get there at 1 thirty]. We played in the water, the sand , and played Truth or Dare. when it was time for us to leave, we walked back to her house and drove home. That day ,while we were gone, Noah and mom had made lemon cake with lemon frosting stuff on top. Oh, and with blueberries because the were in season [ and because they were good on top of the cake]. That is what we did today on my mom's birthday.  Happy birthday mom! You are a great mom and I love you so much!


joan b. said...

You are a very good writer, Abby! It was fun to read about your mom's special birthday :)