Friday, August 16, 2013

August 16 2013

Today we went Horse-Back Riding at rainbow ranch. It was on our summer list so at some point we had to do it. So we choose today to do it. Sophie and I have been wanting to do it all summer. We were happy when Mom told us we were going to go. When we got there we signed in and waited for a brisk 15 minuets. Then we got on our horses and took off. My horse was named Chief , Mom's was Poca [ I like to call her Poca Dot], and Noah's was Scotty. I forget what Sophie's horse was named , though. We went on the 1 hour ride, Imagine siting on the back of a horse in the blazing sun for one whole Hour. Now can you see why my bottom was sore at the end of the ride? we were not the only ones being led on the ride , there was 3 other people. We went through the wood and out in a field [ on a path of course]. We saw wild flowers and mushrooms along the way. I a little creek I saw two frogs! It was so much fun! By Abby