Monday, August 26, 2013

August 25, 2013

Admittedly it was a crazy week, so Sunday arrived peacefully.  I was overjoyed to not have to go in to work and have an entire day to spend with the kids.  Sophie, Abby and I headed to Allegan for the antique market on our way (ha!) to meet my parents in Pentwater.  The sun was shining and we found many wonderful treasures.  The drive north was peaceful and quiet.  I enjoyed a little time wandering downtown with my parents and the girls before they headed north to camp in Ludington.  After they left I got an ice tea and read for a half hour on the channel.  It doesn't get much more restorative than that.  Once back in Holland I enjoyed a quiet movie night with plenty of snuggles for Noah.  (note:  Noah stayed in Holland because he didn't want to miss football practice on Monday night)
ps:  yes, we missed a photo for yesterday.  We had a great day at the farmers market, I taught my first class of the fall to my 20 freshmen and their parents, and we all enjoyed a family picnic in the Pine Grove.  Sadly, no pictures were taken.