Thursday, August 8, 2013

August 4, 2013

Today was the second day driving and we stopped at the Kentucky Horse Park (in Kentucky). We watched the horses do jumps.(Mom was scared that the horses would hurt themselves.) They didn't.I did not want to leave but I did want to get to Tennessee soon so we went to the bathroom and filled up our water bottles. Then we hit the road! late that day we stopped at Cumberland falls.We hiked  to the water fall.  On the hike we saw a baby snake! Mom thought it was a worm, but knew they didn't move like that so it must be a snake. We saw a waterfall. It was really cool.Then we hiked back. Then we drove more. Then finally we got to Tennessee! We drove up the mountain to the house we are staying in. We unpacked and went on the road for hoar and a half(we did not know it was going take that long). We went on a hike  at night and saw glowworms!We got back at about midnight and went straight to bed! We had an awesome day!
By Sophie ;-)


joan b. said...

Sophie! I like how you described everything you did on that day :) That was a lot of activity, wasn't it! I've never seen a glow worm - you'll have to show me pictures and tell me all about the hike, horse farm, etc. It all sounds like so much fun!

I love you, Sophie!