Wednesday, August 7, 2013

August 3, 2013

We left this morning for our vacation to the Smoky Mountains.  Have you ever had a Kentucky Hot Brown.  Well if you have, you do not need to read this so step away from the computer.  But if you have not, listen closely because the Kentucky Hot Brown is mouth watering!  I had my first Kentucky  Hot Brown at Fava's restaurant in Georgetown Kentucky.  This was our first stop on our drive.  Sit back and relax while I describe the delicious sandwich.  It's not actually a sandwich because it is open faced.  The base is Texas toast.  And then comes a whole bunch of meats like bacon, ham, and turkey.  And then it is topped off with cheese gravy...a lot of cheese gravy.  I had to eat this meal with a fork and knife.  The Kentucky Hot Brown was first created at the Brown Hotel in Louisville Kentucky in 1926.  After this wonderful dinner we went back to the hotel to swim and sleep before preparing for day 2 of our drive.    


joan b. said...

Noah! I smiled reading what you wrote about the Hot Brown - it's exactly as if you were telling us in person :) It sounds like a yummy, filling meal, one that you'd really enjoy. I'm sure you weren't hungry the rest of the day!
I love you, Bud!