Friday, August 2, 2013

August 2, 2013

Tennessee here we come!In the pic above there is the packing list, clothes, and the suit case that Abby and I are using.Last year we went to South Dakota this year it is Gatlingburg Tennessee!I can not wait! we are leaving tomorrow. YAY! We are staying in a rental house, with 3 floors and a basement with a pool table and a hot tub out side. In the neighborhood there is a pool. When mom took this photo it was when we just started packing. That is why there is barely anything in the suitcase.I can not wait until we go to Tennessee!


joan b. said...

It was fun to read your post about packing for Tennessee, Sophie :) You are a very good writer and I could tell you're excited about your trip!

Did you teach Ernie to write so well? That is really cute!

Have fun!!! I love you and Abby and Noah and Daddy and Mommy!