Thursday, August 8, 2013

August 5, 2013

Today was our half birthday and we went looking for crayfish as you can see in this picture. Noah is the one who would grab the crayfish when it swam into the net. How is worked was that Sophie and I would hold the net at a 40 degree angle  in the water put one of our feet on the corners of the net , Noah would shuffle his feet to get the crayfish out from under the rock. When one swam in, Sophie and I would carefully lift up the net, not letting it escape so Noah could grasp it. Also we went back to our house that we rented and had lunch , we had pizza . I did not really like it , it had too much cheese. I mean, I like cheese pizza, but it had too much cheese when we ate. We had a really good view of the mountains.
                                             By Abby  ;-)


joan b. said...

Abby! Who knew that looking for crayfish would be a fun way to celebrate your half birthday :) You described the process of catching one very well! And Noah was brave enough to shuffle them out from under the rocks and pick them up - not sure I'd like to do that...

I'm glad you're having such a great trip and doing so many fun things! It will be great to hear all about it when you're home.

I love you, Abby Jane!