Sunday, August 11, 2013

August 6, 2013

The best thing we did today was go whitewater rafting. We went through 4 class 4 rapids.  It was AWESOME!  We also hit a few class 3 rapids. We got to go "surfing."  Here's how you do it.  You basically paddle against the waves and go into the rapids nose first.  The wave is pushing you one way and the currrent is pushing you the other way so basically you stay in one place.  While we were surfing, I was under the water and my mom almost fell out of the boat.  She grabbed a hold of me and almost pulled me out of the boat too.  She said she was trying to save her "little baby" but I say she tried to pull me off the boat and  chuck me in the water.  I pushed my dad in the water when we had a chance to go swimming.  The current was fast so we were cruising along like nobody's business.  After rafting, we ate really a really good dinner.  My club sandwich was amazing!  


joan b. said...

You are a great writer, Noah! You write just like you speak - with great enthusiasm and 'color' (your mom or dad can explain that to you :)

Fun story about rafting!