Tuesday, August 13, 2013

August 12, 2013

Adventurous eaters!  Noah signed up to do a 'Bizzare Foods Challenge' at the library Monday night.  He loves to eat, and try new things.  The competition only had two souls brave enough to tackle the challenge.  They were tasked with smelling and trying to name the food in round one and then if they were brave enough, take a taste.  While he didn't know many of them by name, he was thrilled and adventurous enough to try every single one.  The girls even jumped in 'unofficially' at the end to try a few.  I love having kids who are good eaters and who are not afraid to try new things.  The favorite of the night was a taco at the last station.  Each kiddo labeled it as 'beef or steak', and what they found out at the end was that they were partially correct, it came from a cow but it was tongue.  They loved it and even went back for more after they knew what it was.  While the vegetarian in me is a bit sickened by this, again, I love their spirit of adventure!