Friday, August 30, 2013

August 30, 2013

Today we hit back to school shopping hard!  We left at 9am and returned at almost 5pm.  We brought our lists from school and wish lists from each kiddo.  We found gym shoes (hello!  Noah wears a men's size 8!!), more owl shirts than anyone can imagine, a denim vest, a white layering tank, and an entire new wardrobe for Noah in 5 minutes.  Shopping with boys is SO different.  We found a rack of funny t-shirts and he said, "Yes, Yes, Yes, Yes.  Done"  Added a pair of jeans, a pair of shorts with belt and he is good to go.  Like I said, SO different.  We enjoyed lunch together at 'On the border' and then headed to Grandpa B.'s warehouse.  The kids love the tradition of 'shopping' around Grandpa's supplies.  They each fill a box and today they enjoyed racing his rolling chairs all over the empty room.  We cooled off afterwards at the ice cream shop in Byron Center with grandma and grandpa.  We wrapped up the adventure with a couple more stops and got home to survey our treasures.  The kids all cleaned out their backpacks (from the last day of school...better late than never I guess) and re loaded them with new supplies.  They are excited.  As for me, I plan to savor every last moment of this weekend.